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The 15 Best WordPress Themes for Travel and Lifestyle Blogs for 2024

The 15 Best WordPress Themes for Travel and Lifestyle Blogs for 2024

Die 15 besten WordPress Themes für Reise- und Lifestyle-Blogs - Reiseblog Bravebird

Is starting a blog or online magazine still worth it in the age of Instagram, TikTok, and numerous podcasts? While the answer can’t be a blanket ‘yes,’ if done right and with compelling topics that captivate or interest others, one should not be deterred by anything! It serves as a great personal calling card and might open doors one hadn’t dreamed of before.

Unfortunately, due to declining demand for WordPress themes, the continuous supply of new templates has dwindled. Moreover, many theme providers have ceased updating their existing themes regularly since the onset of the pandemic, which could eventually necessitate a switch to a current theme. Or perhaps you’re here because you need to make a change.

Therefore, I’d like to introduce you to what I consider the currently best themes for travel and lifestyle topics. These themes are minimalist and (so far) reliably updated, ensuring a potentially long-lasting enjoyment. A quick note: The links provided are affiliate links to Themeforest. If you make a purchase through these links, I receive a small commission – no extra cost to you!


Zeen WordPress Theme für Reise, Mode und Lifestyle

This WordPress theme has been one of the most popular choices for years, featuring numerous beautiful demo pages and easy usability with its own Tipi Builder. You can set up a shop, and a crucial feature is the ability to label a post as a sponsored post. Explore the diverse design options under the ‘Features’ section.


The Fox WordPress Theme Reiseblog Template

There are few WordPress themes that offer as many design possibilities as this one. The demos are creative and visually appealing, and the support is always helpful. The theme comes with its own builder that is easy to understand and provides fast performance. Alternatively, you can also work with Elementor, but I would recommend using the theme’s builder.


Authentic WordPress Theme Fashion Mode Lifestyle Travel Reise

because they are always well-thought-out and incredibly versatile. They come with their own builder, which is very user-friendly, and the support is excellent. There are over 50 demos for various thematic areas. If you prefer a minimalist Pinterest-style, take a look at the ‘Visual Therapy’ demo.


Blabber WordPress Theme für Reiseblog Lifestyle-Blog

With 30 demos, Blabber provides a wide range of options to customize your own blog. Design is done using Elementor. The featured Traveler demo, in my opinion, conveys a lot of passion and offers a clear design in a very modern layout. I also find the Fashion demo interesting.


Melina WordPress Theme Reise Mode Lifestyle

This theme is wonderful for those who want to get started without much setup. In my opinion, everything looks visually appealing, making it especially suitable for beginners. It doesn’t have many customization options, but it doesn’t need to. Therefore, it’s well-suited for documentation, travel reports, or daily fashion.


La Feminite WordPress Theme Reise Fashion Mode

This WordPress theme offers an incredibly beautiful and professional layout. There are only three demos, but all three are well-executed. It’s important to note that the theme works only with the paid Elementor Pro. In return, you get a layout that can make others envious. In my opinion, it’s more suitable for advanced users. If you find it challenging, they offer a money-back guarantee, which is an unusual service.


Yaffo WordPress Theme Reise Lifestyle Mode

A stunning blog theme for travel, lifestyle, fashion, food, or interior. Very easy to use and set up. The support is very helpful. With the 13 demos, there’s something for everyone. Particularly suitable for beginners, quick to set up, and ready to go.


Marni WordPress Theme Reise Lifestyle Mode

A unique blog theme that I haven’t come across in this form again. The homepage starts with a kind of collage that you can customize easily with blog posts or pages (e.g. About Me). The design and fonts are perfect, and it comes with a self-explanatory builder, making it suitable for beginners. The support is excellent.


Stockholm WordPress Theme Design Kunst Lifestyle

This stylish theme features 140 demos, including six blog and magazine demos. The page builder used here is Elementor. The ‘Axel’ art and design demo is super minimalist. In my opinion, this theme is particularly well-suited for those who prioritize (large) photos and/or illustrations. By the way, it’s also excellent for small businesses.

10. ONCE

Once WordPress Theme Reise Lifestyle

Another beautiful theme from Codesupply. Despite the diversity on the homepage, it’s easy to manage with its own builder, and you don’t need detailed knowledge of Elementor or WP Bakery. Personally, I find the fonts a bit ‘wild,’ but of course, you can change them. There are six demos, and for travel blogs, in addition to the one mentioned above, there is also the ‘Untourists’ demo.


Bridge WordPress Theme Magazine Blog Reise Lifestyle Kunst Design

This theme is one of the best-selling WordPress templates. It offers an incredibly vast range with over 600 demos covering all areas, including over 40 blog demos. Check out demos like Blogger, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog, Fine Dining Magazine, Pop Music Magazine, and Interior Design Blog. Almost all demos are based on Elementor.


Otello WordPress Theme Blog Magazin

A relatively new WordPress theme and one of the few with a design that is currently visually on-trend in terms of fonts and layout. Among its 8 demos, it includes additional features such as a portfolio if you want to showcase your own projects. It also supports e-commerce. The design is done through the Neuron Builder using drag-and-drop.


Blueprint WordPress Theme Blog Magazin Tipp

The third theme from Codesupply in this post, and once again, it’s a theme that comes with its own builder and offers countless design possibilities. There are nine demos, and besides the featured one, I find ‘Midsummer’ very appealing. All features are activated in the demos, but they can be easily deactivated with a simple click, such as views, shares, etc.


Marcell WordPress Theme Reise Travel Lifestyle

This visually appealing theme offers an exceptional design in certain areas. For instance, the sidebar is quite wide, providing an immediate opportunity on the front page to draw attention to oneself and one’s topics. I particularly like the About page as well. The builder used here is Elementor.


Soledad WordPress Theme Eco Blog Magazin Lifestyle Travel Reise

Soledad is among the top-selling themes and comes with an incredible number of demos for you to choose from. It has its own page builder and is also compatible with Elementor and WP Bakery. While I find most demos of this theme a bit too busy, there are indeed some that are really good, including the featured one as well as the Pop News and Minimal Simple Magazine demos.

And? The selection is quite challenging, isn’t it? I hope you find the perfect theme for you! Wishing you lots of joy in blogging and sharing your content! Best wishes, XO Ute

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